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Covid-19 Guidelines:

What we ask of you:

• Please ensure you read through the covid-screening checklist on the morning of your session.

• Please arrive at or as close to your appointment time as possible and wait in your car if you are early.

• Please wear a face mask on entering the golf club/studio/clinic.

• Bring essential items only into the Pilates studio.

• If there are more than 2 people at the top of the stairs please wait at the bottom until the area is clear.

• Please hand sanitise on arrival.

• Please remain in your  Pilates "Mat Space" for the duration of the class. Mats will spaced be 2m apart.

• Please bring your own mat and any small equipment to your Pilates class.

 •Please ensure if you develop any signs of Covid-19, you will inform Glow Physio immediately and take the appropriate action as stated on the website

• Please ensure you adhere to all social distancing advice given by the government.

• Please DO NOT come to class if you are unwell.  Germs of any kind are not welcome!

What we are doing:

• We will ask every client to run through a Covid screening on the morning of their session.

• Regular cleaning of equipment and surfaces before and after each client along with a weekly thorough clean of the entire studio.

• We will be limiting mat classes to a maximum of 9 people until restrictions are lifted.

• We will allow 15 minutes between each group class. 

• We will provide hand sanitiser for use on arrival and departure.

• We will ensure mats are spaced 2m apart.

• We will ventilate the room by leaving the door open so we encourage you to bring an additional layer to keep warm.

• We will contact all clients immediately should we become aware of a possible risk transmission.

• We will wear PPE as directed by our Professional body  - the CSP.

• We will endeavor to keep updated on government guidelines and act accordingly.


Joanne Gilshan of Glow Physio is doing what is reasonable to reduce the risk of spreading this infectious disease, but clients visit Glow Physio's premises at their own risk. All clients must comply with the Government Public Health advice and restrictions.

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