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 Joanne Gilshan MCSP HCPC 

 Glow Physio & Pilates






Jo at GLOW

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1994-1997: Graduated from the University of Bradford with a love of curry and a 2:1 honours degree in Physiotherapy 

1997: Started working in the NHS before specialising in MSK (musculoskeletal) Physiotherapy and settling into private practice

2004: Fell in love with Pilates and began my Pilates mat training with the APPI 

2010: Moved to Hertfordshire and opened our Glow Physio clinic

2011: Certified with Polestar Pilates in Studio/Rehab for use with the Pilates equipment 

2014: Began MFR (MyoFascial Release) training with MFRUK

. This soft tissue technique is a specialised technique used for the treatment of soft tissue dysfunctions and restrictions


2019: Completed and continue to study with the 'goto' therapist mentorship programme through Pro-Sport Academy

2021: So that's Jo at Glow!  If you want to understand your body,  the root cause of your problem and how we can work to change this then you are in the right place! Let's get started….

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Jim Rohn

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Chest Cavity




Our Physiotherapy clinic is based at 'Wheathampstead Wellbeing' in The Old Brewhouse, Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire.

On your first visit you will undergo a full assessment with our Chartered Physiotherapist Joanne Gilshan. From here Jo can identify areas which need addressing and create a bespoke treatment plan.

This will be a combination of hands on manual therapy & provision of a rehabilitation programme - all aimed at helping your body recover and improving how it moves. 

Jo will work on finding the root cause of the problem so once the initial symptoms have settled we can get down to business by working on the underlying cause.

We liaise closely with other health care professionals and doctors to ensure continuity of care.

Those with private health care insurance are very welcome. 

Initial assessment &

follow up sessions 40 minutes







At Glow Physio & Pilates we offer both Pilates Mat classes as well as studio sessions in our fully equipped studio at Mid-Herts Golf Club, Wheathampstead. Private sessions are available on a 1:1 basis as well as duets (2:1) & trios (small groups of 3).

Our studio houses two reformers, a trapeze tower, two chairs, a ladder barrel, spine corrector barrels as well as other small Pilates equipment. 

These wonderful pieces of kit were originally designed by Joseph Pilates himself. He was a hard task master putting his clients through their paces but he designed an awesome repertoire of exercises which continue to be taught to this day.  

Whether you want Pilates for strength & conditioning or are recovering from an injury or surgery or require rehabilitation then Jo can create a bespoke programme tailored to your individual needs.

PRIVATE tuition for those wanting 1:1 attention 

Individual 1:1 £65
Block of five 1:1 sessions £315
Block of ten 1:1 sessions £600

DUET tuition perfect for sharing with a friend or partner  (booked as a duet)

Individual duet £44 pp

Block of five duet  £210 pp

Block of ten duet £395pp

TRIO tuition ideal for a small group of 3  (booked as a trio)

Individual trio £34pp

Block of five trios £160pp

Block of ten trios £295pp



 Our Pilates mat classes are run by Jo

from our bespoke Pilates studio at Mid-Herts Golf Club, Wheathampstead.

Mondays & Fridays 

Bookable as a course 

£11 per session

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K Vonnegut

"Enjoy your body, use it every way you can.
Don't be afraid of it, or what others think of it.
It's the greatest instrument you'll ever own."


What the patients have to say....

"Working in construction for over 30 years, I had developed some aches and pains that had started to keep me awake at night. I was recommended Glow Physio. It wasn't the usual drill I'd had from previous Physios - far from it. The approach was completely different. We spoke in depth about the background of my pain, then Jo set a course of therapy which included a mixture of release work, movement and breathing techniques. I'm now pain free. I'm sleeping properly and my attitude towards self care has completely changed. Thank you." RF

"I've been attending mat classes with Glow Physio for the last 10 years and I truly believe it's the sole reason I don't suffer with any niggles/aches/pains. 2020 brought us online Zoom Pilates classes and I wasn't sure how these would work. But they do! Jo is fantastic at communicating online and keeps a very close eye on us - always correcting our cheats! Thanks Glow Physio for keeping me moving throughout 2020 when I have needed it more than ever."  PL

"Jo marries her expertise as a Physio with an extensive portfolio of exercises drawn from Pilates and functional movement. She has helped me tackle long term deep seated physical issues. My life has been transformed and movement is now a joy. I can't recommend her highly enough." MM

"I was 60 before I tried Pilates for a sore back. I wish I had started earlier particularly with a teacher like Jo who is so encouraging and patient in both 1:1's and in group classes." MP

“My daughter and I are so so lucky to have been introduced to this highly trained, professional and gentle lady. Jo's skills and knowledge around Myo-fascial release (MFR) have relieved pain and tension that for years have been attributed to another health condition and therefore apparently unresolvable. Jo has given huge relief, mentally and physically. She is equally careful when the cause of pain is unclear and offers guidance to the right medical tests for diagnosis before she starts treatment.  We couldn’t be more grateful for her help. ” KC

“I have been having one-to-one Pilates tuition from Jo for several years now and hugely benefit from exercising safely and correctly. My whole body is definitely less stiff, stronger, more balanced and the lower back pain troubling me for years significantly minimised. If problems arise, with Jo's physio and Myo-fascial release (MFR) expertise, she is able to alleviate those too. I would strongly recommend her Pilates tuition and treatments.” FH

“Pilates is just for women right? Well as far as I know men are equally prone to becoming less flexible as they get older. Certainly in my case. The Tuesday evening classes are an hour long led by Jo. In the last 6 months, I can feel the difference. Picking up a pen off the floor used to feel like a surgical procedure, and is now effortless…. thanks Jo.” RC

"I came to Jo originally for Myo-Fascial Release (MFR) but what attracted me to her in particular was her multi disciplinary qualifications. I cannot recommend her highly enough and she has freed the parts of my body that years of Pilates just couldn't touch. MFR is something that really has to be experienced to be understood and for me it has transformed the way I relate to my body. The benefits have been immeasurable and Jo has taught me the importance of 'letting go'." MM

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